The Dordogne, a historically rich region, full of surprises !

Dordogne offers a range of 4 types of Périgord. As the four seasons, they offer many background to go for a walk.

The White Périgord (Périgord Blanc) run the length of la Vallée de l’Isle. It is called white because of the limestone. This stone is used to build, especially the Byzantine cathedral in Périgueux. This town was an important Roman city and you still can see the remains.

The Green Périgord (Périgord Vert) stretches in the Northern part of the department. The Natural Park Périgord Limousin is greenery backdrop crossed by many streams and charming and welcoming villages.

The Purple Périgord (Périgord Pourpre) takes place at the South, on the hills of the Dordogne Valley, which is near from Bergerac and its famous vineyard. The several fortified villages called “Bastides” are very known and related to a famous character : Cyrano de Bergerac. 

The Black Périgord (Périgord Noir), as for it is full of remarkable patrimony with the Dordogne, Vézère and Eyzies valleys (Prehistoric capital of the world), Sarlat (City of Arts and History), Lascaux, and all designated UNESCO World Heritage sites.