Article 1 – This agreement term concerns the rental of  gite of the Domaine de La Pinsonnerie 121 chemin des Grands Bois 24290 SERGEAC. 

Article 2period of stay: Guests expressly acknowledge and agree that this Agreement is for a fixed-term occupancy of the Property, and that Guests do not intend to make the property a residence or household.

Article 3conclusion of the contract: The reservation becomes effective from the moment guests gives to the owners the deposit  of 30% stated on the back and a copy of the contract signed before the date specified. Guets must keep a second copy. The Agreement  concluded between both parties can’t benefit any other natural or legal person without the agreement of the owners. All infringement to the latest, entail the immediate termination of the agreement, for reasons attributable to the guest, the owner definitively retains the amount of the rental.

Article 4termination by the guest: Any termination of the rental must be notified to the owners by registered letter with an acknowledgment of receipt a) termination before arrival:

the security deposit remains to the owner. The owner can ask for the amount of the rental if the termination comes less than 30 days before the check-in date.

If guests don’t notify the owners 24 hours after the check-in date, the this agreement will be considered as cancelled and the owners can use its gite. The security deposit remains to the owners. Guests can ask for the balance of the rental.

b) if guests vacates the propriety before the check-out date, the owner definitely retains the amount of the rental.

Article 5 – termination by the owner: the owner will reimbursed all funds paid to date to the guest.

Article 6 – check-in: Guest must arrive on the day specified in the time slot mentioned on this agreement. In case of delayed arrival guests must inform the owner.

Article 7 – payment: The balance of the rent is paid on the arrival date in the property by cheque or cash.

Any reservation made less than 15 days before the check-in date must be paid in cash by cheque or bank transfer.

Article 8 – inventory: An inventory is drawn up jointly and signed by the guest and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure of the gite. This inventory is the only reference in case of dispute concerning the inventory.

The cleanliness of the gite on the arrival of the tenant will have to be noted in the inventory of fixtures. The cleaning of the property in normal use is the owner’s responsibility.

If guest has left the property in any way that requires additional maintenance or repairs, guest must pay for such maintenance or repairs.

Article 9 – security deposit: On the arrival of the guest, a security deposit, which’s amount is indicated on the front of this contract, is required by the owner. Upon leaving a joint inspection of the property will be carried out and the deposit returned with deductions for the repair of any damage caused during the rental period.

In the case of early departure, where a joint inspection is not possible on the check-out’s day, the security deposit will be sent by the owner with no mere than a week’s delay, with deductions for the repair of any damage caused during the rental period, as well as the loss of keys or objects.

Article 10 – utilisation des lieux : Guest commits to respect the rules, rental conditions and clauses stipulated in the reservation and rental information. The rented property must not be occupied by more people than the one agreed in the reservation. Guest must treat the house and its equipment with the utmost care. Any damage caused to the building and/or facilities by the guest must be reimbursed to the owner. Upon departure, guest must return the leased property swept  and undamaged. Guest must avoid any noise that may disturb the neighbors, especially those emitted by radio, television and any other equipment. Guest may not exercise any recourse against the Lessor in case of theft or damage in the rented property.

If Guest violates any of the terms of this Agreement, the owner shall be able to ask the guest to vacate the property without any compensation. If the gite is swept and without any damage, the security deposit will be reimbursed at the end of the rental period.

Article 11 – Occupancy: rental of the property is permitted for a maximum of 8 people. If the numbers of guests exceeds the capacity, the owner may refuse additional persons. Any modification or breach of the agreement term will be considered as the guest initiative.

Article 12 – Pets: This contract specifies wether or not the guest may  bring pets. If the guest does not respect this term, the owner can refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made. When booking, the guest is required to indicate the number of pets that he will bring. If need be, the descriptive sheet specifies the possible additional charges to be foreseen (animal rate, security deposit supplement, cleaning package supplement…).

Article 13 – Insurance: The tenant is liable for all damages arising from his or her actions. He is required to be insured by a holiday-type insurance contract for these various risks.

Article 14 – Pool: The use of the pool is at the user’s own risk. Children and babies must be under constant supervision; the owner cannot be held responsible for accidents or injuries. The pool may be temporarily closed for maintenance or repair work and we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience caused by this. For men, only swimming trunks are allowed for reasons of hygiene and the risk of soiling. We allow Bermuda shorts, boxer shorts or other half-length swimwear on the condition that the knees are always entirely visible.

Article 15 – Internet: Guest can have free access to Wireless internet (WiFi). The domain is too isolated to have (fast) internet via ADSL, so the owner has a satellite internet connection. Satellite internet is sensitive to weather conditions and it can happen that the service is temporarily unavailable. We cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause you. In order to use this service, the guest will behave as one would expect from a responsible and careful Internet user. In particular, the tenant will refrain from violating legal regulations. Furthermore, it is not permitted to download music and films. In accordance with the HADOPI law and the anti-terrorist law on internal security, the guest is responsible for the use that is made of the connection during his occupation of the property. If the owner receives a letter from HADOPI, then he will have to send back a copy of the rental contract, highlighting the check in and check out dates of the guest. In case of breach of the rules, the user’s access to the Internet will be restricted.

Article 16 – payement of charges : Water and electricity charges and tourist tax are included in the rental price for normal use. In period of low and mid season if the heating is necessary, the expenses of electricity will be extra. In case of abnormal use, the charges can be re-invoiced to the tenant.

Article 17 – legal dispute : Any claim relating to the rental will be dealt with by the competent court.